FDD18: Participatory Cultures

Interactivity is a property of technology, while participation is a property of culture (H. Jenkins)

The main theme of the Festival della Didattica Digitale 2018 will be Participatory Cultures: with meetings, workshops and expositions about learning and future, FDD became the space where you can reflect about these themes.

The Participatory Cultures consider the technology potential as an opening for the diffusion and cooperation of knowledge, allowing to expand it thanks to all of us participating to it.

The Festival focus is education, learning and future composition, with the contribution of technology, through four prospective: Creative, Playful, Immersive and Ethical.

Themes and perspectives

Creative: how we can face the future

World is a complex system: critic view, problem solving and technical-projective abilities represent fundamental skills for watching, understanding and facing the future challenges with – and thanks to – creativity.

Immersive: stories surround us, the only limit is our imagination

Imagination and technology allow everyone to step into new worlds to explore, the place where to experience impossible scenarios, live adventures and different cultures, build contexts with an emotional, physical and cognitive involvement.

Playful: when learning is funny

Playing helps education thanks to narrative, information and interaction. This allows to acquire knowledge and enhance individual skills throughout the learning process which is based on discovering, deduction and sharing ludic mechanisms.

Responsible future, ethical future

Future requires responsibilities, an aware use of technologies, a request to a new consideration about a sustainable social environment, the goal is to encourage a constant valuation on educational and learning methods, in private and social context.

These themes will be guided by national and international guests who study and work in learning and technology fields, responding on how the two can collaborate for future skills development.

FDD 2018: Participatory Cultures

The third edition of the Festival aims to give voice to international experts about learning, throughout different ways: proposing values and generative ideas what helps to deepen your teaching and educating professionality.

All these themes will be explored at Digital Didactic Festival from 21th to 24th of February in Lucca.