February 2018

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Participatory Cultures

"Interactivity is a property of the technology, while participation is a property of culture"

— H. Jenkins

The theme of FdDD 2018 is “Participatory Cultures” and will be treated through four perspectives: Crative, Playful, Immersive and Ethical.


Stories immerse us: the imagination and technology allow everyone to enter worlds to be explored where they can experiment impossible scenarios, experience different events and cultures and build contexts with an intense cognitive, physical and emotional involvement.


#world #immersiveness #virtualreality #augmentedreality


The future entails responsibility: we believe in a conscious use of technology considering issues of environmental and social sustainability, with the intent of spurring continuous reflection on learning and behavior modes in a private and collective environment.


#sustainablelearning #mediaeducation #slowlearning #socialimpact #ecosystem


The world is a complex system: critical spirit, problem-solving and technical-design skills represent the foundational competencies in order to observe, understand, build and improve reality using creativity and interacting in communities.


#coding #maker #fablab #community


Playing favors knowledge: narration, information and interaction allow acquiring knowledge and empowering individual skills through learning processes based on playful mechanisms that involve discovery, deduction and sharing.


#play #playfullearning #seriousgame #discovery